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Rosalyn Kahn


My life battles by Rosalyn

Fifth-seven child children and often overlooked
The attention received appeared at times I’d rather not have the attention. 13 diagnosed with scoliosis

Ignored for two years later and rewarded with back brace from my neck to below my hips that was worn 22 hours a day and extraordinarily painful
Once I learn to sleep with it – it was deemed failure
I was an avid swimmer leading up to the summer before I entered high school when they operated on my back
September entered high school in a full body cast
Most of the high school felt as a social outcast. My two friends included the newspaper boy and the other was a peer who also suffered from scoliosis
Interestingly later in life, I reconnected with that paper boy express my gratitude for what he had done earlier in my life.

Interviewed Rosalyn

Lori Whitney, Author and Humanitarian and Rosalyn Kahn

Work battles
Working life it had its own battles

Fired early on from a PR agency because I couldn’t correct my writing mistakes. This has is forever haunt me and now I always have someone proofread my writings
Worked in sales in for one year I had close to $50,000 in the next year I had less than $30,000
My first job out of college after traveling the world promoting cultural understanding I worked at Costco in retail the most demeaning job possible.
My life mentor told me, “You are learning the most important skills–human relations.”
At the time I work two jobs going from Costco in the valley changing my clothes in the car to drive to an advertising agency in Venice

I was never a quitter so when I moved out of San Diego to Los Angeles I sent out 10 letters to advertising agencies and actually heard from three.
I worked as a Sales assistant and learned of growth opportunity in Spanish media back in 1987. Took a leap of faith and moved out to Redlands, ca for my 1st sales job. 6 months later a job opened in La and I prepared to move back. Once I hardly settled in, the vacancy was gone and I was in the job search again. Ps in my angst to leave one of my favorite sweaters from Sweden was stolen. Upon moving to LA with everything except days worth of clothing and my furniture I realize the job is no longer

3 weeks later and 23 interviews, landed with sales contract in SANTA FE, NM. Loved it and learned if I could survive there anything was possible.

Only one challenge, In Santa Fe New Mexico there more radio stations than people and stations changed formats like a new season turned from cold to snow. I was there from July to December’s for snowfall

Landed a job in San Diego which required cable to view the tv and our station did not have it. The person who was boss seemed fairly unreasonable. In moving to San Diego had referred my sales manager from a 1st job in Redlands and watched him burn out and pursue government work and leave the field entirely. Once I achieve my greatness in San Diego I moved up to LA decided I would go ahead and start over

I return to Los Angeles and I got a job working in a teaching job and when I entered that teaching job life is great and wonderful and until

Entered as emergency education instructor and then I had to do was complain and have me taking it removed from the classroom. I spent a year in an office and from that point, I had to get 50 people I knew to validate that I would never do the crimes that I was committed of you to see.
Also was active in Toastmaster a public speaking and leadership group. Most people stay one year, I remained for 10 and won both award and recognition as a leader. In a campaign for the second highest position, battled an interpersonal conflict that found me winning the race for the position and then walking away as my spouse said, you can take Toastmaster or me and walked away with no questions to be asked.

I took that inroads from teaching and decided must be something new on the other side
I went into direct sales in an office and realize that even though I no longer drive selling on the film is not my bag
I went to graduate school where I began to study and I wanted more than anything to become a TA somehow that never happened.

My first debut in teaching was an emergency bilingual credential at a school in North Hollywood. In my first year, less than 3 months into the term, I had students who claimed I had grabbed them by the arm and left marks – this was false. I spend six months in an office doing nothing. Yet, I do remember the student in a conference who I persuaded to buy a bed vs the cockroaches which bit her son. There was the other mother I convinced that her angel of a child became a screaming devil at home was only verbalizing in her own way the objection to the father walking out. Nonetheless, I spent 6 months on the bench.
Later, I would have my record cleared with 25 letters explaining my innocence from nearly everyone I knew from elementary to a religious school, to volunteer work etc. Eventually, I was cleared.
I entered college saying if you didn’t like my class you could always leave.

My funniest situation that ever happened was saying to call how sorry I was that she had gotten the job ( this was my desire) she actually had gotten the job. She later went to becoming not only a full-time employee but department chair and now serves as a DEAN. I still remain a part-timer.


Rosalyn Kahn, photo by Bob Delgadillo

Always had a concern for the underdog and worried greatly about student failing grades over tardiness. In my efforts to help them learn this lesson, I was found at fault and what was original request to write a letter to the past President bush on ‘His weapons of mass destruction” .
The standard is a form letter thanking you for whatever you wrote. My students stated, “ I would not accept their paper if I disagreed with their position.” No- they once again were turning the paper in late. Once more, I was removed from the classroom and my name was broadcast all around the world. My phone was ringing nonstop, I heard the story on radio and was pulled from class to ask if I had done this same behavior. The case was bound for court and eventually thrown out to mediation as a child who was found missing turned up mothering two kids.
In mediation, I won and told I was an extraordinary storyteller. I won the case but was unable to make a public display of the outcome of this case.
Turning of the tide…
The list could go on but I want you to know life is filled with changes and new opportunities.
Later in life

Recognized by Faculty Association of Ca Community Colleges. Part-time advocate of the Year 2007

Wrote two books:
Random Acts of kindness are changing the world. 2013
Dogs and Roses: How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Today’s Trouble Times. 2017

Pending books
Interviewing Expert – RAVEN BLAIR 2/18
Linkedin Expert for BUSINESS CONSULTANTS 1/18/18

Coached a dozen of TEDx speakers.
Gave three TEDx TALKS

  • Language comes to Life – 2013
  • Coming around the curve -2015
  • Breaking cultural barriers

Working to train women to speak at the United Nations
What would have happened if I just listened to the negative voices you too can make the change?. There is only one person and that is you.


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